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Sports Mouthguards for Your Student Athlete New Braunfels, TX

Sports Mouthguards for Your Student Athlete

Mouthguard For Sports New Braunfels TX

Helmets. Pads. Face shields. Whatever protective sports equipment you’ve invested in, you know each plays a special role in preventing serious injuries. But what about your mouth? If you’re wearing a conventional “stock” or “boil and bite” mouthguard that’s sold in stores, you may not be as well protected as you think. But with a custom sports mouthguard that’s created by your dental team, you can.

There When You Need It

A general-fitting mouthguard sold in stores will tend to be looser and more cumbersome when it comes to fit. But if the mouthguard is made from a mold of your teeth, it fits every curve and contour of each tooth. That way if you fall or get bumped in the mouth, your appliance will stay there even if there’s a secondary hit.

Added Protection

Custom sports mouthguards don’t just protect against busted lips or chipped and knocked out teeth. They can also lower your risks of concussion during an athletic activity. Since the mouthguard provides buffer space between your lower jaw and the base of your skull, there’s not as big of a risk of the radiating trauma that you see in traditional concussion scenarios. That’s something a loose, store-bought guard can’t offer.

Prevention is Best

Protective equipment is something you never wish you needed, but always need to have. It’s the same with a sports mouthguard. Your minimal investment today can prevent serious dental work and oral rehabilitation in the future. The modest price tag is worth the peace of mind. It might even be covered by your insurance!

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Sports Mouthguards for Your Student Athlete New Braunfels, TX

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Sports Mouthguards for Your Student Athlete New Braunfels, TX

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