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Tooth Extractions New Braunfels, TX

Tooth Extractions

Preserving teeth and oral health with general dentistry are top priorities at Sapphire Creek Dental. Unfortunately, there are times when teeth must be removed to protect other teeth. Broken teeth that cannot be repaired can become infected if not removed. Other teeth like wisdom teeth can be trouble from the moment they arrive. Archie Gomez, DMD, offers tooth extractions at our office in New Braunfels, TX, when removing a tooth is the best solution to protect your health and smile.

We understand that even the thought of having a tooth removed can be a source of great anxiety. At Sapphire Creek Dental, you will find a clean, safe environment and a compassionate dental team that will help you feel relaxed and comfortable during the extraction procedure. Advances in dental technology have made it possible for tooth extractions to be less guesswork and more precise, leading to easier and faster removal.

Most people do not enjoy the thought of a tooth removal procedure, but it does not need to be painful or uncomfortable. When planned carefully, many tooth extractions can be performed in just a few minutes once anesthesia has numbed the area. Dr. Gomez uses advanced imaging to prepare for tooth extractions and offers sedation options for patients to relax.

Some patients do not require sedation and will be able to undergo the extraction procedure with local anesthesia. Patients experiencing higher levels of anxiety may opt for sedation. We offer nitrous oxide and IV sedation for those who prefer medication for relaxation during the procedure.
In general, tooth extractions are fairly routine. Teeth with fewer roots are the easiest to remove, while those toward the back of the mouth have more roots and may take more time. Broken teeth may also require more time to remove, especially if they have three or more roots. Also, an impacted tooth may be more challenging to extract. This is often the case with wisdom teeth.

Gentle Tooth Removal

Tooth extractions are usually performed when a tooth is diseased, damaged or causing other oral health issues. Common reasons for extraction include:

  • Severe dental decay – When root canal therapy is no longer an option, a decayed tooth will need removal for oral health.
  • Severe periodontitis – Gum disease that has affected the teeth and caused bone loss often leads to tooth removal if the bone can no longer support the teeth.
  • Impacted teeth – This condition is often present when wisdom teeth begin to erupt; however, it can also occur when the jaw is too small for a full set of permanent teeth.
  • Tooth growing in sideways – Although it does not happen often, wisdom teeth will sometimes develop in abnormal positions in the jawbone and need extraction.
  • Overcrowding – Some children will experience overcrowding when permanent teeth begin to erupt. It can occur when primary teeth are slow to fall out or when the jawbone is too small to accommodate a full set of permanent teeth.

Whenever possible, Dr. Gomez will try to save a tooth, but in some cases, removal is the best option. He determines the best method of extracting the tooth and proceeds with care. It is important to prevent trauma to the surrounding tissue as much as possible; the less trauma at the extraction site, the faster and better the healing process, as long as proper home care is followed.

Your comfort is always a top priority during any dental procedure and especially when undergoing tooth extraction. Sedation is available to help you relax and stay calm. While many patients can undergo extraction without it, some require it for optimal relaxation.

Dr. Gomez can recommend replacement options for prominent teeth to restore your smile after the problem tooth is removed. Sapphire Creek Dental offers dental bridges, partial dentures and dental implants for tooth restoration after an extraction.

When you need a tooth removed near New Braunfels or Seguin, TX, contact us at Sapphire Creek Dental today. We offer sedation options and gentle tooth extractions at our office. Most dental insurance plans are accepted, and we have financing options for your convenience.

Tooth Extractions New Braunfels, TX

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Tooth Extractions New Braunfels, TX

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