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Root Canals New Braunfels, TX

Root Canal New Braunfels

When the interior of a tooth becomes infected, it can be a painful experience. The nerve roots for each tooth are located inside the tooth. If the infection reaches the interior of the tooth, it can cause inflammation and pressure on the nerves. If not treated with general dentistry, an infected tooth can die and may need removal. To stop infected tooth pain and save a tooth, root canal therapy, often referred to as “root canals,” can be performed. Dr. Archie Gomez at Sapphire Creek Dental offers root canals at our practice in New Braunfels, TX, to save infected teeth.

When bacteria and decay go through the enamel and into the dentin of a tooth, they can reach the interior or roots of a tooth. If allowed to fester, bacteria can cause inflammation and destroy the interior tooth. The nerves of the tooth can be affected by a deep tooth infection or decay. Infected teeth often are accompanied by an ongoing toothache due to the pressure on the nerves. Once tooth roots are infected, there are only two options to stop the pain and infection – extraction or a root canal.

In some cases, a patient may not realize that the interior of a tooth has become infected. It is therefore important to have regular dental examinations to identify any potential oral health problems. A comprehensive exam is an important part of preventive dentistry that can help you avoid unnecessary treatments.
These appointments also provide your Sapphire Dental Creek team with the opportunity to clean teeth of excess bacteria, plaque and tartar. If infection has already progressed too far, a root canal procedure is the next logical approach for safeguarding vulnerable teeth against further damage. Your dentistry team will always discuss all relevant options after the completion of the initial examination.

Infected Teeth Treatment

To clear out the infection inside the root, oral surgery is necessary. The top, or cusp, of the tooth is removed to allow access to the root canals of the tooth. These canals are cleaned, and the diseased tooth material is removed. The interior of the tooth is then disinfected. During root canal therapy, Dr. Gomez repacks the tooth with sterilized material and reseals the tooth. Since the tooth is weakened by the loss of tooth material, a dental crown is placed over it to protect it from future damage.

Oral health and hygiene at home is not enough to clear deep infection of the teeth and gums. Procedures such as root canal therapy, root planing and scaling are necessary interventions to protect teeth and gums. Oral infections can spread quickly and cause irreversible damage that may result in tooth loss. To help protect your smile, Sapphire Creek Dental recommends scheduling regular appointments. Digital X-ray technology and the skills of our professional dentistry team ensure that patients benefit from the first line of defense against harmful infections.

If an examination reveals that infection has spread beyond enamel into the interior of teeth, a root canal procedure is the most appropriate treatment option. The alternative is allowing infection to spread and eventually cause the tooth to loosen and fall out. Sapphire Creek Dental will quickly identify and treat infection to save any compromised teeth, ensuring that your smile continues to shine in New Braunfels, Texas.

Root canals can stop tooth infection and pain. They are also one of the only options to save an infected tooth. If you have a painful or infected tooth, do not delay treatment. Contact Sapphire Creek Dental in New Braunfels, TX, to schedule root canal therapy. We accept many insurance plans and offer in-house financing options for your convenience.

Root Canals New Braunfels, TX

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Root Canals New Braunfels, TX

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