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Patient Reviews New Braunfels, TX

Patient Reviews

Katherine A.

I called for a consultation for some cosmetic work, and they got me in right away. I went to the office and was greeted by Sharon with a friendly smile ( I can tell she was even through the mask). The office itself is high-tech, and welcoming all at the same time. Dr. Gomez was extremely friendly and professional as well as Marina, his assistant. Working in healthcare, we have very high standards for patient care and customer service and I can tell Sapphire Creek does too, because they surpassed my expectations. I knew he was going to be a good doctor when he didn't jump the gum and agree to with what I was wanting to do, but rather, offered his objective opinion. I'm very excited to go back for my next visit and see what they do with this smile!

Gabriel B.

Dr. Gomez and his staff are THE BEST, and that's not just my opinion; read the other reviews. Everyone is so friendly and makes you feel welcome--relieving any anxiety you might have. All procedures are thoroughly explained and you definitely feel that your dental needs are more important than anything else. If you're looking for a dental team that is compassionate, friendly, professional, and competent, then I absolutely HIGHLY recommend Sapphire Creek Dental for all your dental needs.

Chris K.

I pain. All of the checks were done quickly, all of the results explained in a professional manor, and the procedures were done quickly and with fantastic results. I could not ask for a better dentist and team. Top rate! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for dental care in New Braunfels!

Persiliac C.

Where do I start.... the day of my appt didn't start off how I'd like. I drove from Austin to their office... the person that was suppose to drive with me and occupy my kiddo went MIA smh. Sooooo yeah by the time I made it to their office, I was almost in tears. Meeting with Dr. Gomez first was a pleasure. He was understanding of my needs and his entire staff went above and beyond. The lady at the front desk (you are everything!!!!) Thank you so much for occupying my son while I had my extraction done. Marina, Shara and Dr. Gomez you guys are amazing. Oh an everything happened quickly which was a huge added bouns!

Jerry E.

I requested an emergency appointment for a major toothache. Received an appointment for the next day. Went in. Discovered that one of my crowns no longer fit tight and was causing agony. I ended the visit with a temp crown and appointment to receive my permanent crown ... and no more pain. The office is clean, attractive, and equipped with some of the best tools in very competent hands. Dr. Gomez and his staff are very personable and efficient. Their teamwork was remarkable which resulted in a most satisfying experience for a most dreaded procedure. I sincerely hope that Sapphire Creek Dental prospers better than the cookie-cutter dental clinics moving into the area.

Sheridan R.

I had the best experience at Sapphire Creek Dental. Dr. Gomez is very thorough and makes you feel comfortable. They have a new office so it is very clean and modern. I will definitely be back!

katharine f.

Dr. Gomez was amazing with me he took his time getting to know me, got me on nitrous and helped me put a movie on! i don’t remember most of today thanks to the sleepy air ! i rather not remember then be traumatized due to autism! so this visit was amazing for me! i was really worried and nervous for nothing ! learning Dr . Gomez’s daughters background also opened my eyes to seeing how he knew so much about special needs and it made a huge positive impact on my visit today ! marina was also a huge positive mentor for me not to be scared today ! she talked me through x-rays, made me laugh, and more thank you sapphire creek dental for being so amazing i’m excited to come back in a few months ! i can’t wait until my teeth are completely fixed !!!

Rick H.

My wife and I are new to New Braunfels, TX and needed to find a dentist for routine care. We investigated recommendations on NextDoor and Sapphire Creek Dental / Dr. Gomez looked good. Sharon was very nice and efficient with scheduling, registration, forms, insurance and conversation while waiting for treatment to start. Entire health staff and Dr. Gomez were great. They explained everything clearly and made sure we knew what they were doing and what to expect. The dental treatments (deep cleaning and exam) were efficient and pain free. Office has the newest technology as well. This helped see and understand the issues and recommended treatment plan. I would highly recommend Sapphire Creek Dental New Braunfels and Dr. Gomez!


Simply the Best! Dr. Gomez and his dental team have quickly earned my trust and business with my first visit. Their work ethic, world class customer service, and overall clinic atmosphere is impressive and unmatched. I highly recommend Sapphire Creek Dental to everyone of all ages, to include our veterans. Their exceptional genuine service has instantly made me a loyal client.

Brian W.

My son, who was terrified of dentist, had a tooth pulled here. The staff was amazing. They made my son feel at ease and he didn't even know his tooth was out. Thank you for the great service. We will be back.

Patient Reviews New Braunfels, TX

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Patient Reviews New Braunfels, TX

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