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Use Your Yearly Dental Benefits Before They Expire New Braunfels, TX

Use Your Yearly Dental Benefits Before They Expire

Dental Insurance New Braunfels TX

There is still time to get your next dental appointment scheduled over the holidays. Sapphire Creek Dental can help you maximize your dental insurance benefits before they expire on December 31st.

What Does “Maximize Your Benefits” Mean?

Most dental coverage have an annual maximum amount that they will pay toward that year’s period. Usually, it’s somewhere between $1,000-1,500 a year. If you have benefits remaining, you can use it towards the filling or crown that still needs attention. The Sapphire Creek Dental team will coordinate your claims on your behalf, limiting your out-of-pocket care costs.

Don’t Wait Till Next Year To Schedule

It’s best to schedule the rest of your treatment strategically, so that this year’s benefits cover the most important issues requiring attention. Such as an active abscess or cavity. Then you can schedule the rest of the treatment for next year, after your annual allowable is reset. If you wait until the new year to schedule, you might run into bigger dental problems that require more extensive care, exceeding your plan’s allowance.

What Do Your Dental Benefits Cover?

Typical insurance plan covers two preventive visits per year, then begin to taper off at 80% or 50% for restorative and therapeutic procedures. Each plan varies, so talk with the team at Sapphire Creek Dental to confirm your benefits ahead of time.

Last Preventive Care Visit For The Year

Don’t forget, most dental insurance cover preventive care visits every six months. Call our office if you’re due for a checkup, as our schedule will quickly fill up over the holidays. Now is the best time to plan ahead and use your remaining benefits for the year!

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Use Your Yearly Dental Benefits Before They Expire New Braunfels, TX

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Use Your Yearly Dental Benefits Before They Expire New Braunfels, TX

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