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Five Signs You Need a New Filling New Braunfels, TX

Five Signs You Need a New Filling

Dental Checkup

Dental fillings don’t last forever. Depending on what type they are, how well you floss your teeth, and even the size of the restoration, a filling can last anywhere from 5-20 years. But eventually, it will need to be changed out. Here are some common signs to look for if you think your restoration is on its last leg:

There’s a Dark Area Around the Edge of Your Filling
Older fillings gradually start to leak as the margin pulls away from your tooth. You might be able to tell that the enamel immediately around the restoration is taking on a darker color. 

You Feel Something Rough in That Area
When you run your tongue over that tooth, can you feel a rough edge? It may be an open margin due to a failing restoration.

Floss is Catching Around Your Tooth
Any time a strand of floss catches on your tooth or shreds when you’re cleaning a specific area, your dentist needs to know.

You’re Developing Sensitivity
Changes in tooth sensitivity may mean your nerve is experiencing new stimulation for the first time. It’s best to have an X-ray taken to rule out any serious issues. 

Something Feels “Off” When You Bite Down
An old, loose, or leaky filling may shift ever so slightly whenever you bite down on it. Even if the movements are fractions of a millimeter, your overall bite may be able to tell that something is going on.

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Sapphire Creek Dental offers comprehensive cosmetic treatments including white (composite) fillings and porcelain crowns. Think your filling is due for an update? Call us today to reserve an exam.

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Five Signs You Need a New Filling New Braunfels, TX

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Five Signs You Need a New Filling New Braunfels, TX

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